Services & Rates

What works best for you? You have options.
  • Have our technician come to your home or office.
  • Arrange for a pick-up at your home.
  • Speak with the technician to fix your computer problems over the phone.
  • Have products shipped to your home or office.

For questions regarding services and pricing, please review the information below Or call 847-835-4985. We also provide project pricing for combined services and will work with you to determine your best option. Our base rate is $150 for the first hour and $25 per quarter-hour thereafter. Phone support is available at $25 per quarter-hour.

A few of our most popular services
Operating System Service One

Your computer’s virus and spyware problems are removed with the operating system service one. It includes full hardware and software diagnostic evaluation, system repair and optimization. (Up to 70 minutes onsite)

Operating System Re-Installation

If your PC is infected with viruses, spyware, reacting sluggishly or has crashed, our technician will re-install your operating system. (Up to 90 minutes onsite)

Wireless Networking

We will install and encrypt your wireless network allowing you to use the Internet freely and safely. (Up to 70 minutes)

Network Troubleshooting

Network problems? We will find the problem and get your network working again. (Up to 70 minutes)

Peripheral Setup

We will help you set up your printer, camera or scanner to ensure that it works properly with your PC. (Up to 70 minutes)

Software Service

If you have a software program that’s causing trouble, we will get it working again. (Up to 70 minutes)

Antispyware Install

We install antispyware software with the latest updates on your PC, so your defenses are up to speed.

Antivirus and Security Suite Install

We will install Security Suite software with the latest updates on your PC, so your defenses are up to speed.

Operating System Install

Using Windows XP or Vista? We can get you up to date by installing a new operating system on your computer. (Up to 90 minutes onsite)

Software Install

We will install your new software program on your PC and customize it to fit your needs.

Memory Install

Speed up your PC, old or new, by upgrading your memory (RAM) to accommodate your computing needs.

Optical Drive Install

An optical drive gives your PC tons more data backup and storage space for your projects.

I/O Card Install

Pump up your gaming with a new graphics card. We’ll configure any internal card to your desktop.

Data Backup

We will backup all important documents and files for you.

Data Transfer

Move all of your data from your old computer to your new one. (Up to 70 minutes onsite)


We can take a look at your misbehaving PC and root out the problem.

System Tune-Up

Got some miles on your PC? Our technician will tweak your system and get it running at peak performance again. (Up to 80 minutes onsite)

Education and Training

Learn to use your computer programs and peripherals.

$150/hr On Site