Virus Removal & Prevention

A virus infected computer is very annoying, frustrating users with constant Pop-Ups and system failures. It is incredibly easy to get infected with virus and malware within a short period of time without proper protection. Even systems with some level of protection are still vulnerable due to the increasing number & complexity of the threats on the net. In fact your systems could already be exposed to these nasty bugs with inadequate protection.

My Net-Works offers low cost virus removal services to remove any available threats and also to prevent against them.

For total peace of mind get the My Net-Works managed security program. Infections are dealt with real time and monitored for complete removal. If additional virus removal work is required, it is covered under the yearly license fee of $100.

We can help you in following areas:
  • Pop-Ups
  • Slow computer performance
  • Website redirection problems
  • Bandwidth consumption
  • Blue Screen